Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Art and Interior Design : Newport, RI

Having worked with interior designers, both directly and through galleries, it’s always interesting to see their process for designing an interior space. The starting point could be a piece of furniture, a color theme, a piece of art. Artwork is often either the catalyst for the design project, or the finishing touch.

I was contacted recently by a collector who purchased a piece (“Dusk Light”, 32 x 32) to be part of a room renovation at their residence in Newport, RI. This new piece would join another work acquired previously, both of which were to tie in with the design plan. The images above were sent following the completion of the rooms, and feature architectural elements that tie in not only aesthetically with the work, but regionally.

“Dusk Light” is based on an old barn down the road on the Knight Farm, in Amherst, NH, and the barnboard seen on the walls of the photo on the left is of salvaged wood from a farm not far from here. And the photo on the right, featuring “Summer Color” includes an antique game table made in New Hampshire in the 1700s.


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