New: “East Chop” 24 x 24

As you sail into Vineyard Haven Harbor, two land masses welcome you…the first (if coming from Woods Hole) is West Chop…an exclusive section of the Island with stately old seaside mansions dotting the shore. The other is East Chop, which similarly is home to some of the Island’s oldest and grandest summer places. But East Chop differs…some of the old summer homes there are more humble. Still magnificent homes, but smaller and more weathered, having endured decades of battering winds, sea spray and sun. On a recent visit to the Vineyard, I took a drive along the shore road, East Chop Drive. While many parts of the Vineyard have changed since the almost 30 years since I lived there, the coastal cottages that still sit on on the shore, looking over Vineyard Sound, have not. “East Chop” 20 x 20

Charcoal Studies Available

Prior to beginning a piece, I work out composition and lighting through quick charcoal sketches. I do quite a few of these, and am often asked if they are available for purchase. They are, and have been added to my online store, along with prints and pastels.

To view the online catalog of charcoals, pastels, and prints, click here or the image below:


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