New: “Hollow”

Vermont feels like it’s locked in time. In a good way. Just about everywhere you go in Vermont, you KNOW you’re in Vermont. There’s just a feel to it. It might be one of the most photographed states in the US. And if it’s not, there are places that likely are…one being the Sleepy Hollow Farm in Pomfret. Aside from it being owned by Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, it’s fame comes from it’s picture-postcard perfection. And if you Google it, you’ll see most shots of the farm are from above, looking down, as the place sits in a hollow (hence it’s name). This piece is not that farm, but while painting it, and recalling how this place was, itself, nestled between two hills, it reminded me of the more famous farm outside Woodstock. This much-less-famous barn, also located outside Woodstock, may likely never be photographed by those looking to capture the essence of Vermont. Many may even drive right by it without  noticing it’s even there…so I decided to give it some recognition. “Hollow” 40 x 32

New: “Cloudland” 56 x 52

This recently completed commission is based off another commission…also recently completed. Both are of a scene in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, and both are of the same perspective, but have subtle differences that make them unique. One difference, however, isn’t that subtle…”Cloudland” 56 x 52


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