New: “Divergence”

This is the second in a series of pieces inspired by a decaying, abandoned farm a few miles from here. The property is marked with very visible “No Trespassing” signs, but there are so many different views, perspectives, and angles created by the barns and farmhouse positions to each other, I had to take the risk. Loved the old road bisecting the property, and disappearing to nowhere as it enters the back meadow. “Divergence” 48 x 24 o/c

New: “Flaxen Sky”

There is always a color that, at the beginning of a piece, emerges as the primary color around which the palette is determined. In this case, I blocked in a yellowish gold with the slightest tint of green for the sky, but wasn’t sure it would remain that way to the end. But as the other colors came along, and seemed to work alongside it, I opted to leave it as is. “Flaxen Sky” 36 x 36 o/c.

Amica Insurance Thanksgiving Print Now Available


I was honored to be selected as the 2023 Thanksgiving Artist for Amica Insurance’s annual Thanksgiving Card, which will be mailed to all Amica customers, as a gesture of their appreciation.

As a gesture of my appreciation, this 18″ x 18″ signed, limited edition print of “Meadow Oak” is available at a discounted price.

For details and to order, click here.


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