New: “End of Summer”

We’re at that time of the year where Summer fades into Fall. Days begin with an Autumn coolness and clarity, and often end with the heat and haze of July. The color of the landscape begins to warm, with greens beginning to take on a warmer shade, and golds and yellows begin to emerge. For many (including me), it’s the best season of the year, as hints of summer remain, but the beauty of a New England Fall begin to appear. “End of Summer” 40 x 30 o/c

New: “Lagoon”

The nearby Bass River, which separates Yarmouth and Dennis (on Cape Cod) flows inland from Nantucket Sound heading North and narrowing along the way, ending as a saltwater pond close to Cape Cod Bay. At the mouth of the river, a sandspit lines the river’s entry and contains a small grove of weathered, wind-dwarfed white pines and scrub oaks. It’s a small but desolate place, and I’ve hiked through it for years, particularly in the morning. The river passes this spit, extends northward, but also branches to the east to form an inland waterway lined with summer homes, boat docks, and ends at a yacht club. It’s a spot of barren land that illustrates what the Cape looked like hundreds of years before summer people and settlers came and built. “Lagoon” 20 x 16


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