New: “Togetherness”

I’ve painted this scene quite a few times. It’s in Grantham, NH, just off Route 89. Heading south, if you look to your right around exit 14, you can see these barns off in a large field. It’s a unique positioning…two similar (but slight different) structures, locked in place for decades. When I first saw them, and painted them, they seemed to have a human quality of sticking together…similar to how brothers, sisters, husbands and wives do. A recent family situation has driven home the importance of sticking together with family, and in interpreting a new view of this scene, that same quality carries through. “Togetherness” 48 x 30

New: “The Stoic”

This place is about a mile away from home, and difficult to spot through the trees. It’s attached to an old house outside the historic Colonial village of our town. Most people probably miss it as they drive by, but I saw it once, and loved how this little building stood strong at the top of the hill…probably there for close to a century. It’s steady stance on that hill reminds me of times when I, or people I know, have had to be strong and endure tough times. “The Stoic” 24 x 24


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