New: “Dune Breeze”

Despite the buildup of much large, and often beautiful and impressive architecture on the Cape and other coastal areas, stragglers of the simpler structures that once dominated these summer destinations still stand. This place is one of those. While in reality, there are other cottages and more stately summer homes surrounding it…the simplicity of this simple beach cottage, tucked into the dunes, reflects the Cape I remember as a kid. “Dune Breeze” 28 x 28

New: “Bluegrass”

Color in nature tends to default to what we see most often. Grass is green. Skies are blue. While true, there are variations in those color that are visible if you look close enough, or at the right time of day, and in different light. On a recent morning drive through the local countryside, I came across an expanse of meadow grass that glowed a pale blue in the morning mist. It wasn’t green, nor was it solid blue, but somewhere in between. “Bluegrass” 34 x 20


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