New: “High Country”

I don’t remember where this scene is…maybe Vermont, New Hampshire…can’t recall, nor does it matter all that much. The piece is much more about light, more than it is the things in the painting. Those “things” are mostly objects used to emphasize the light…which isn’t intended to minimize their importance…as they are important. Actors on a stage are important to a play, but the theater lighting changes from scene to scene, spotlights and background lighting are intentionally designed to establish mood. The actors become more, or less, important to the scene, based on the lighting. That was the intent here, though I don’t know which element takes center stage. Best that be left to the viewer to determine. “High Country” 36 x 36

New: “Azalea”

I’ve passed this old house countless times. It’s one of those old Cape Cod homes, built a century or two ago, that over the years has slowly fallen into a state of decay as its owners age. Years ago, with fresh paint, solid architecture and beautifully maintained grounds, it was at it’s peak of grandeur. But years of unintentional neglect has taken its toll. A wheelchair ramp has been added for the elderly woman who lives there. The paint is faded down to raw clapboard, trim boards have rotted and fallen off, cardboard has been taped over broken windows, and the lawn is weeds. But this past Spring, while driving by one late morning, the sun illuminated the house like a stage light, and the shrubs planted many years ago glowed with lively color…seeming to have escaped the ravages of time. “Azalea” 48 x 36 o/c


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