New: “Farmyard”

There’s an old farm in town that sits on dozens of acres of meadow that was, for years, kept mown by a flock of sheep. The sheep are gone, as are the farmer owners, and the land is slowly being taken over by trees, shrubs and weeds. There’s something mysterious about these old places, now that they are uninhabited and sit waiting for what’s next. “Farmyard” 40 x 30

New: “Westerly Breeze”

Juniper trees are abundant on the Cape, particularly along the shoreline, where the seem to thrive in sand and salt air. There are prevailing winds that come in from the Atlantic on the North side, and the Bay on the South. Unlike Junipers further inland, the ocean winds shape the trees as they grow, giving them a great sense of movement. “Westerly Breeze” 48 x 36 o/c.


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