Friday, October 22nd, 2021

New: “October Walk”

October is my favorite month. Might be many people’s favorite, as everything about it is perfect. Cool weather, bright color, and the landscape seems calm and still, as if bracing itself for winter. There’s an amazing preserve on Martha’s Vineyard…Felix Neck. It’s a 200-acre parcel, once farmland, now a series of walking paths that lead from the visitor center to several salt ponds, with amazing views of Nantucket Sound, Sengekontacket and Major’s Ponds. But aside from these amazing waterviews, there are hundreds of acres of meadow, some wetland, inland groves of cedar and oak. One of the paths, named “Old Farm Road Trail”, cuts through some of these meadows, which on the day of my walk (a perfect, sunny, warm October day), had just been mowed. Years ago the tractor seemed to have spared what had once been small cedar saplings, which could have easily been taken down with the meadow grass. But year after year, they remained. I came through this meadow at the end of the walk…having just seen some of the most beautiful views the Island offers, and noticed the trees and the dark shadows cast directly below them…and found this view just as beautiful. “October Walk” 20 x 16

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