Monday, December 20th, 2021

New: “Mythic”

Like many young kids in elementary school, I like art classes more than any other. I had good art teachers, and some not-so-good. Those who were good, said the least. They let you create, and they encouraged you. And the really great ones let you experiment…even urged you to. I once spoke to an elementary school art class…cute 2nd and 3rd graders, who proudly showed me their work. I loved how many of them broke “rules” without knowing they were doing so. They had an idea, and they went for it. And their teacher (a good one) didn’t question their color choices (a black sky with a sun?). They were fortunate not to have been told that their color choices couldn’t exist in reality. I told them that as a kid, I had a couple teachers who made me afraid to paint skies any other color than blue (“that’s just how they are” she had said, all knowingly). If there actually are rules in art, I advocate breaking them all. “Mythic” 52 x 28

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