Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

New: Beacon 24 x 24

Years ago, I lived for three years on Martha’s Vineyard. It’s there I met my wife, and together we lived in almost every town on the Island…summer/winter transients, moving from rental to rental. We left the island occasionally, by ferry, and on return trips, as the boat slowed into Vineyard Haven Harbor, you could see the familiar light at East Chop…It’s light rhythmically broadcasting it’s presence on the bluff. I was back on-Island recently, only for a couple hours, and minutes before the boat shoved off back to Woods Hole, I visited this light. Located on the East Chop section of the Island, it still stands, but is fenced off, blocking access to the benches I used to sit on, as a break, during one of the many bike rides I’d embark on. Not sure why access is now denied to this little grassy spot of the Island, but despite whatever the cause or reason, the light itself stands as sturdy as I remember it. Still a landmark to boats and ferry passengers. “Beacon” 24 x 24

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