Sunday, January 31st, 2021

New: “Sheep Meadow”

I wrote yesterday about the neighboring development that converted many acres of pristine woods into a housing development. And while most of us lament the loss of land…including me, I can’t be too critical, as my house was, itself, was built on the land of the old Wilbert Parker Farm. My property is surrounded by old stone walls, and sits down a slight valley from the hill that is home to the old corn crib, a historic relic of the old farm. The corn stored in that crib was used to feed farm animals, including the many sheep that used to graze the meadow upon which my house now sits. The old farm is right across the street, a snowball’s throw away, and is surrounded by stone walls and meadows, much as it was over 100 years ago. “Sheep Meadow” 36 x 36

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