Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

New: “Westernmost Point”

I love remote places, and over the years, have loved living way outside the bustle of urban areas. Many years ago, when I first moved to Martha’s Vineyard, we lived in Aquinnah (then called Gay Head), at the most western part of the island. Home to the famous colorful clay cliffs, it’s a wild, windy, remote and incredibly beautiful section of the Vineyard. Our house sat on a sand plain, off Moshup’s Trail, and overlooked Vineyard Sound and Nomans Land (an unpopulated island, now serving as a bird sanctuary, though was still used as a bombing target while we were there). This place reminds me of that place, the near total isolation of it’s location where land and sea meet. This smaller piece was done partly as a composition study for a larger piece, which will likely have a completely different palette. “Westernmost Point” 14 x 14.

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