Sunday, November 19th, 2023

New: “Farm’s End”

This old farmhouse is a few miles down the road, slowly decaying on a coveted piece of land along one of our state routes that runs east/west from Keene, to the Monadnocks, ending at the Seacoast. A growing retail highway. It’s classification as a working farm is likely to soon be re-zoned commercial. I recently drove past the “no trespassing” signs on two huge oaks that flank the dirt driveway to snap a few photos. It’s a beautiful property, lined with stone walls, an old barn a few feet away, and another smaller one set back in the overgrown meadow behind the house. Remnants of it’s former life scattered here and there, covered in brush and weeds. Progress is good, I guess, but it can be the enemy of history. “Farm’s End” 48 x 30.

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