Sunday, December 12th, 2021

New: “September Light”

I tend to trespass too much. I call it “exploring”…scouting the landscape for inspiration. But more often than not, in an effort to get a unique perspective of a place, I might accidentally (and sometimes intentionally) enter private property. Several years ago, while exploring the shores of Truro, I parked on the road that leads up to Corn Hill to grab some reference of the well-known cottages that sit up top. Hiking up the massive dune, I made it to the back side of the one of the cottages, and took advantage of the off-season emptiness of the place. These unique perspectives are worth whatever risk my uninvited visit might result in.

I’ve painted this place multiple times…sometimes one cottage, and sometimes it’s identical neighbors to the left and right. The light in September, along the coast of Cape Cod, is pure and clear, and given a unique hue as light reflects off sand and sea. “September Light ” 36 x 36

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