Sunday, November 20th, 2022

New: “Road Less Traveled”

I’ve always loved Robert Frost, and like many of us, his best known poems are a part of us. As I began the charcoal sketch for this commissioned piece, his poem “The Road Not Taken” came to mind. When I explore rural New England for inspiration, I take the lesser roads, as they lead to places I’ve never been. Such was the case when I came across this scene…an often-painted pair of barns in Grantham, NH. The road that cuts horizontally across the composition was the road I came in on. When working with the buyer, we liked the idea of putting more emphasis on the intersection of the “main” road, and the less traveled one. The larger, wider main road seems to lead to something, or somewhere known. To follow the road that branches off of it seems to lead you to somewhere unknown. I would have not found this place, years ago, had I stuck to the main roads. The poem’s last line reads…”And that has made all the difference.” And I agree. “Road Less Traveled” 64 x 34

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