Monday, December 27th, 2021

New: “Refuge”

Martha’s Vineyard has a great conservation program known as the Land Bank Commission. Proceeds from every home sale are given to this organization. When privately held land worth preserving comes up for sale, the Land Bank has an opportunity to bid. As a result, there are many preserved, pristine parcels of land on the Island that look today as they always have…wild, rural and untouched. You can lose yourself in some of these places, whether it’s Felix Neck, Cedar Tree Neck, Quansoo, Chappy Point Beach, and many others. On a recent trip to Felix Neck, hiking the meadows that extend to Sengekontacket Pond, I found myself captivated by the simplicity of the landscape. Meadows, a few trees, and a distant treeline that separated the land from the water. Some call these properties preserves, conservation lands, or sanctuaries. What they all provide is refuge from the modern world. “Refuge” 46 x 32

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