Thursday, August 25th, 2022

New: “Island Summer”

As you sail from Woods Hole (Cape Cod) across the sound to Martha’s Vineyard, the first land mass you approach is West Chop…an old, majestic section of Vineyard Haven. Many of the homes along this point of the Island are from a different era. Large, landscaped “cottages” with priceless water views and prestigious family names associated with many of them. They are impressive dwellings…not because of their views or ownership pedigree, but because they occupy their landscape with privileged dominance that at the same time feels rather humble, at least compared to some of the newer, massive homes built nearby. These two homes are the last homes you see as you round the bend, through West Chop, as you head back to town. They’re also the first homes you see as the ferry approaches the Island. “Island Summers” 52 x 24 o/c

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