Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

New: “Farm Road”

This old farmhouse is about a mile from the studio. The road curves past it, and cuts through woods and meadows, as well as a few homes built in what was until a few years ago, forest. The owners of this farm own about 150 acres of beautiful hilly woodlands, bisected by a historically preserved dirt road that connects one end of town to the other. I recently learned that those 150 acres are to be developed into neighborhoods. I was informed of this by the owner of the mill I use to build my frames. I asked him what he thought the likelihood is that that development plan will go through. He replied, “that one may not go through, but there WILL be houses on that land someday.” Development is inevitable, unless land is bought for preservation, as other parcels in town have been. I balance wishing this type of land use wasn’t inevitable, with understanding it (my own house was built on an old sheep meadow of my neighbor’s farm.) “The Last Farm” 60 x 48 o/c

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