Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022

New: “Envisage”

A friend recently commented on a piece (posted to my social channels) that she wished she could “live in the painting.” I replied that I agree, and that I would too. Most of the artists I know paint what they love. They paint the places they love, the things or people they love, and they paint these subjects however they want, presumably to convey that love to viewers. I don’t often think about how or why I paint what I paint (or why I do so they way I do), but that comment got me thinking. My “subjects” aren’t as important to me as how I portray them. They’re places I know, or have discovered, and feel an attachment to. They’re places and scenes I like being at when I’m there, and in the studio, I make them how I want them to be. I don’t try to recreate how they actually are, but modify aspects of the setting to become more than it really is. Hearing that a viewer wishes to have a deeper connection to a piece by wanting to “live in it” is the ultimate compliment. “Envisage” 24 x 24 o/c.

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