Saturday, August 20th, 2022

New: “Dreamscape”

I was recounting a dream recently, and found myself (as we all do) recalling snippets of detail that were either related, or completely unrelated, to the core “feeling” of the dream. As you force the listener down that rabbit hole of patiently waiting for your dream to “get to the point”…you realize there isn’t a point…just a feeling (fear, happiness, anger, stress) illustrated with “things” that do nothing to help the dream have a storyline. But there is often something the dream is “about”…though, it’s nothing literal, and often not describable. My compositions are based on real places, but I only work from quick sketches done of them, and then paint with only the sketch as reference. This process eliminates the details of stuff that don’t add to the feeling of the piece. When it’s finished, it’s neither a real place, nor a fully imagined place. It’s somewhere in between…like dreams. “Dreamscape” 20 x 16 o/c.

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