Friday, September 16th, 2022

New: “Bluff”

Living in coastal New England, particularly on the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard, you become well acquainted with yearly changes to the shoreline, and the distance land is from sea. Storms, waves, rain and time all descend on the fragile edges of land, where they turn to beach. The result is, more often than not…erosion and/or shifting dunes. You don’t notice it as much in areas where there is nothing built…but in those areas where seaside homes have resided for years, the structure shows just how much, or little, land has been lost since the previous year. This location is on Cape Cod Bay, and while on the “protected” side of the Cape (the side not facing the Atlantic), some of the most significant sand drifts and dune erosion occurs. “Bluff” 36 x 36

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