Sunday, July 17th, 2022

New: “Beach Plum”

Coastal New England can be a rugged terrain, particularly the closer you are to shoreline unprotected by bays or harbors. The landscape is beautiful, but harsh…with constant wind, sun, salt air that tends to hold back anything that would otherwise want to grow. The plants that have adapted, and even thrive, in these areas tend to be scruffy, thorny and wild. But they’re also beautiful, particularly when in bloom. I found this place years ago, while visiting Plum Island, Newburyport, on Cape Ann, MA. The old cottage sat on a rise, with the Atlantic on the other side. On the protected side of the house, a few plants hung on to the ground, growing despite the landscape’s efforts to prevent them from doing so. “Beach Plum” 48 x 48

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