Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Making it all work…

Having worked with galleries and interior designers on projects where a room either needs a painting to serve as the starting point, or is finished by selecting the right piece to put a finishing touch on the job, it’s always nice to see outcome. And designers’ (either professional or the homeowner themselves) approach to these projects is highly individual, based on personal aesthetic preferences.

This piece, “Cavendish Barn” 48 x 36, was shipped to a residential buyer recently to finish the redesign of the family room in their new house. Interior and architectural design, like art, can either be practiced by following predefined rules, by designing around color theories and design principles, or it can be more free form and interpretive. Nothing wrong with either approach (I lean towards the more free form method), but the success comes through whether or not, when finished, it all works together. And in this room, it does.

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