Commissioned Work

The Commission Process

My approach to commissioned pieces is fairly unique. When working with buyers to create a unique piece, the process involves soliciting input regarding palette, subject, and mood liked in other pieces. We work to determine the ideal dimensions of the canvas for the specific space in your home or corporate interior.

Commissions are successful when the piece comes together the way all other works are created…ie, decisions made along the way in modifying palette, composition, and perspective…but factoring in preferences for palette and the mutually arrived at composition.

When the piece is completed, the buyer must love it before committing to it. If you don’t, no problem! We discuss why, and work up another piece.

Below is an example of the process…


Following discussions about composition, subject, palette, etc., we work up sizing mockups to determine the ideal size canvas for the intended space. Each finished painting comes framed in custom-made black float frames, which add about 1.5″ to both dimensions. This is factored into the canvas dimensions so that a custom-made canvas can be stretched to the perfect unframed size.



Following the determination of dimensions, I work up charcoal sketches of proposed compositions. Typically two or three sketches are created, based on our conversations about the general composition you prefer. Once you have decided which composition you prefer, I begin the painting.



The finished painting is presented along with all previous sketches and sizing mockup on the buyer’s preview page.


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