Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

New: “Red Maple” 16 x 20

I rarely know where a painting’s going to go when I start. That unpredictability, many years ago, would have driven me crazy…as I “knew” what I wanted to paint, and nothing short of that goal would suffice. It got to the point that when I began paintings, I got nervous with the fear of  failure.

I knew that with this piece the late afternoon sun, and how it was interrupted by the tree, was likely to be the subject. Maybe it ended not being?  Is the subject the shadows? The barn? The tree? Not sure. As the painting progressed, subject didn’t matter, but how things related to each other did. Sometimes you just have to “trust your stuff” and go for it with no goal in sight.  “Red Maple” 16 x 20.

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