Sunday, December 19th, 2021

New: “Haven” 24 x 20

I love remote, isolated places. Not just as subjects for paintings, but because I like being there. There’s something about knowing you’re away from everything, and everyone, but close enough to return to it all when you’re ready. One such place is along this strip of barrier dune in West Dennis, not far from our house there. It’s a mile-long stretch of sand dune, wind-dwarfed cedars, seagrass and hedge that buffers the Atlantic from a lagoon. Off-season, when all tourists are gone, this place is desolate, but calming. You can walk the long parking lot that flanks this sandy strip, or the beach on the other side. And if you take one of the dune paths that cuts through, you get that sense, for a moment, of being in the middle of nowhere. “Haven” 24 x 20

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