Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

New: “Calmness” 36 x 20

Whenever there’s stuff going on in life that causes stress or anguish, we look for ways to escape. I hit one of those rough spots about 10 years ago, and found my escape through long road trips taken intentionally to get lost in the rural back roads of Western Massachusetts, in the Berkshires. While heading down an unmarked road outside of Lenox, I came across this farm. I pulled in the gravel drive and took out my camera. It was summer and the quiet was beautiful. Not a sound other than the very faint whir of a slight summer breeze. The silence, warmth and scent of dry grass was like medicine for the mind. There’s always some force pressing against our desire for peace and calm. Escaping that isn’t always easy, but is always worth the effort. “Calmness” 36 x 20.

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